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Fashion timing is key!  Customer Focussed Trend Analysis with Leading Australian and International experts.

Resources and inspiration our design team utilise include:

On trend commercial design from concept to delivered goods. Coordinated range development (inc. capsules), yardage print art, print graphics, domestic and O/S sampling.

Access and insights from denim laundry master.  Fashion never sleeps - we are 24/7 developing new washes and tecniques for International fast fashion majors.

Quality, value for $ manufacture through our fully owned factory and specialist parters.  We are established with experts in making both low-mid and high end garments across a multitude of categories.  Take a look at product examples manufactured in our facilities via our menu bar.

Logistics, shipping, freight consolidation.  Utilise our economies of scale to ship coordinated ranges to DC or individual stores across the globe.

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